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New Canon 600EX RT Products.
The new adapter for the Canon 600EX RT flash is ready for shipment!
Please check the product drop down model list to order.
Thank you all for your patience for the time it took to develop the new adapter.
Introducing the new QuickSpot flash accessory for dramatic lighting effects made on the go


Seattle, WA. October 10, 2010 – After receiving rave reviews for the Ultimate Light Box, Harbor Digital Design adds a new flash accessory to its line of custom fit, dynamic, lighting and diffusion equipment.  Just released is the new Quickspot honey comb grid.

Created to offer photographers an easy and inexpensive way to produce dramatic lighting effects, like a snoot, the Quickspot creates a direct, focused circular beam of light that highlights areas of interest. Available with Lee Gel Filter packs, an in both a 1/4 and 1/8 inch grid, the Quickspot is versatile, effective, and thanks to Harbor Digital Designs custom fit adapters, easy to use and requires no Velcro or straps.

 “I don’t need to bring in big studio strobes and barn doors, all I need is what’s in my camera bag; 2 SB- 600’s the QuickSpot and of course the Ultimate light Box.” says California photographer, Michael Alvarez. “ I was so happy when HDD complimented the Quick Spot with gels because now there is no limit of what your creative mind can do. “

The QuickSpot is compatible with the entire line of Harbor Digital Design accessories, including the Ultimate LightBox and Small Dome Diffuser, and allows for quick and easy switching between accessories allowing you to better manage and manipulate the light quickly.

Company President and CEO, Michael J. Capozzi  says, “I designed the QuickSpot to provide a high powered sharp spotlight in the form of an easy to use, simple flash attachment. I wanted something that worked effectively, but was straightforward, compact, and could fit in every camera bag”.

Photographers of all levels will be amazed at not only the effects, but the ease of use of the new QuickSpot. Available at your local camera store or online at, all  Harbor Digital Design products come with a 100% money back guarantee.  Also, look for us in this month’s Photo Media magazine.


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Kendra Brandriff




About Harbor Digital Design.

Harbor Digital Design LLC is a manufacturer of high quality light modifiers for photographic lighting equipment. Established in 2001, the company was formed with the goal of providing a superior and quality product while also focusing on exceptional customer service.



 Looking for tips and tricks on using the Ultimate Light Box? Visit our  VIDEO PAGE to
learn about the most versatile diffuser for your flash, the Ultimate Light Box system.

Looking for a superior Diffuser for your Quantum Qflash?
We have released the new flash adapter for the Quantum flashe that uses the tubular Quantum style mount.
And because we believe in first class customer service, all current Quantum Light Box users have been shipped the new
custom Quantum Adapter at no charge.
If you have not received the new Quantum Adapter please contact us.

Need an adapter for Nikon SB-900?
Nikon SB-900 products are now ready for immediate shipment!
 Please choose your product from our on-line store.
Thank you to all of our loyal customers for your patience in waiting for this product.

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"A couple of months ago Michael was kind enough to send me an adaptor for a Quantum flash to try out.  Well I finally had the chance today.  I did a few shots as a test with the diffuser that comes with the Quantum and then using the same settings used your modifier.  Wow, what a great difference.  The images using the Quantum diffuser have the deer in the headlights look.  Your diffuser is much more natural looking.  Over the course of the next week or so, I'll experiment some more and forward on a few images.  Thank you Michael for sending the adaptor." - Lori




With thousands of products and over 700 exhibitors, Peter Kolonia, Senior Editor of Popular Photography Magazine chose our Light Box System as one of his PMA07 Select products. (To read his PMA report click here)

Editor Mike Pasini from Imaging Resources has bestowed an "Envy Award" (click here)on the Light Box system as one of his picks for the "Best of Show" products from PMA. 

Mike has posted his review: "At PMA in Las Vegas this year, we stumbled on what looked like a Sto-fen designed by NASA......." Read the full review here..

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