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How to Assemble the Ultimate Light Box


Master photographer Sara Frances at Photo Mirage HD in Denver Colorado shows you how to assemble the Ultimate Light Box system.


 Tips and Tricks from Will Crockett

Using the technology you probably already have in your camera, computer and light kit, one of the best and freshest minds in all of photography presents the must-know info on how to produce premium quality portrait photographs with ease in this over 2 hour DVD.
Loaded with fact, enthusiasm, and a keen eye toward profits, Will Crockett from presents the new and smart solutions you need for success in today's world of studio & location portrait photography. You'll also experience some new info and great tips on Will's unusually efficient (and easy!) brand of indoor event coverage and a little bit of outdoor fill-flash as well in what is described as "the best video yet from one of the most trusted resources in the industry."
See for yourself.


Enjoy learning some career-changing info on the secrets of transforming your photos into dollars.

Click here for more info and another amazing sample video clip.
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 Portraits with Rick Ferro and the Ultimate Light Box
Watch as legendary lighting and posing master photographer RICK FERRO shows you tips on using your backyard studio
for a portrait session using on-camera and off-camera flash with the Ultimate Light Box and his Quantum Trio.
Rick prefers shooting premium cameras in JPEG mode so color, light quality and exposure are 
critical to his high-end customer base.  

You can catch more info from Rick each month on the popular website,
and get a glimpse of his seminar appearances at
To see how Rick and his wife Deborah run their super-successful photo business, you can see what
a "Day with The Ferros" looks like on a terrific video DVD here.

A Brief History of on Camera Flash


Using the ULB, Design & Sample Photographs
You can make BETTER photos, easier and fastier than you are now.
Let's create digital photofiles that need the least amount of correction and repair so you can spend your time and energy on producing more per hour. The Ultimate Light Box System, makes this possible.


Viva La' Difference (part 1)


Viva La' Difference (part 2)

Different Effects with the Ultimate Light Box
Samples, Tips & Tricks (part 1)

Different Effects with the Ultimate Light Box
Samples, Tips & Tricks (part 2)

Different Effects with the Ultimate Light Box
Samples, Tips & Tricks (part 3)